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From Rob Fuller

Well, Haiti is not only the poorest country in the western hemisphere, but
also the most unequal. Of course it is unlikely to be the extremely poor who
manage to raise enough money for a chance at illegal entry to the US. But
there are still many who will find the means to do so. My experience (of
talking to a few people who attempted to enter the UK illegally from various
African countries) suggests that an attempted migration represents an
investment for a whole extended family, who will pool their assets and
borrow what they can, getting into dangerous levels of debt to take the

Of course, this means that those who attempt to migrate tend to be those who
are seen by their families as having the highest chance of success in the
destination country: younger, more dynamic, better-skilled, and more willing
to take risks. These are all qualities which would benefit recipient
countries if only they would have a more sensible approach to accepting