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28492: Porritt (info) Fwd: Sea Container to Haiti Information/ For Haiti Newsgroup/ Bob can you share with the news group about our next sea container going to Haiti? Thanks much! (fwd)

From: Doug Porritt <doug.porritt@sbcglobal.net>

We a have a container going out in July (at the end of the month) and I
was hoping that you might be able to share this with the members of the
newsgroup in case they want to get some supplies to Haiti.  I have the
information listed below.  I really appreciate your help with this. I
hope all is well and God bless you!


Rays of Hope for Haiti wants to focus on your needs for transportation
of supplies quickly and efficient to your partner program or family in
Haiti. Our mission is to be a blessing by helping your work and

We are not a "just" shipping service. We are a ministry.
Rays of Hope for Haiti is committed to the body of Christ in this
ministry of providing the resource necessary to bring supplies from the
United States to humanitarian relief programs working in Haiti, and to
families of Haitians living here in the United States.
We recognize the frustration of NGOs, volunteer groups, and individuals
who want to ship needed supplies to Haiti, but do not know the process.
We are experienced professionals in the shipping business, dedicated to
helping you and your work!

Rays of Hope for Haiti:
*	Has over 30 years of experience in both international shipping
to the Caribbean and ministry outreach specifically to Haiti
*	Knows the shipping regulations as it pertains to Haiti
*	Has a proven and dedicated commitment to its mission and the
support of various Haiti based organizations
*	Provides the customer with minimal paperwork
*	Provides free and unlimited warehousing of supplies at our 446
Grandville Avenue SW (Grand Rapids) location.
*	Networks with some of the best organizations in the business
regarding international shipping
*	Reserves and loads the sea container
*	Handles all the customs declarations and works with the Haitian
government to secure these items out of customs quickly and safely
*	Clears customs in Haiti and provides a safe secure warehouse in
Port au Prince for your program to pick up supplies
*	Offers a delivery service of your supplies to your partner
program in Haiti (additional cost)
*	One month free warehousing at our warehouse in Port au Prince
Helping people who are helping others

The cost to participate in the sea container ministry is only $5 per
cubic foot.  This covers all charges!

For more information please contact Rays of Hope for Haiti at (616)
453-5550 or email at doug.porritt@sbcglobal.net.
Thank you!

With love in Christ

Doug Porritt
Rays of Hope for Haiti
Email: doug.porritt@sbcglobal.net
Telephone: (616) 453-5550
Mobile: (616) 633-4258
1313 Bristol Rd NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504