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28510: Corbett: Two new books in library: one rare, one brand new

From Bob Corbett

I've recently added a number of books to my Haiti library, and two are rather noteworthy. The first is a quite scarce book, actually approaching the designation of rare. It is George MacDonald Mulrain's book:

THEOLOGY IN FOLK CULTURE: THE THEOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF HAITIAN FOLK RELIGION. The book appears to be a doctoral dissertation, and is 413 pages long, looking like typed pages, double spaced as a dissertation would be. But it is actually published by Verlag Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1984.

I have had this on my "most wanted list" for nearly 20 years and this is the first copy I've ever been offered. I haven't read it yet -- and won't even scan it during this period of the World Cup, but it's an exciting addition to my library.

The second noteworthy book is a new art book, donated to my library by
Reynald Lally, and I am deeply appreciative noting that this isn't the first book he's sent to me as a gift.

The book is a very large square book (square books are unusual), at least a foot square. It is: ENCONTROS E REECONTROS NA: ARTE NAIF BRAZIL / HAITI. It is just filled with marvelous color reproductions of works from both Haiti and Brazil as the title suggests and the text is in French and, I guess, Portuguese, but I'm not sure how to tell Portuguese from Spanish.

However, the cut lines with the reproductions are in those two languages and English as well. This very large and beautiful book is about 160 pages long. For any of you interested in Haitian art I would suggest this is a simply "must have" reference book.

I've also added a third book that is rather specially noteworthy, though the section relevant to Haiti is rather small. The book is:

THE INDIAN TRIBES OF NORTH AMERICA by John R. Swanton.  Washington, DC:
Government Printing Office, 1952. The book is just huge, and there is a quite interesting section on the Arawak/Taino Indians.

This has been an extremely productive period of adding items to my library since I purchased two small collections. As soon as the World Cup is over I hope to update my "books for sale" list, which doesn't have any of the new items yet, and I will then notify the list.

Bob Corbett