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28510: Corbett (correspondence from Haiti) kidnappings

From Bob Corbett: An old friend of mine who lives in Haiti recently
joined the mailing list.  He is an American and writes:

Good to hear from you Bob! I personally see no improvements as yet, most of the political dialogue I hear frightens me. I do hope I can find time for the list, I do love Kathleen and Lance Durban, but sifting through it all is time consuming.

I was forced into a car a couple of weeks ago at gunpoint, struggled with my attackers and got away. One shot was fired which left me hard of hearingin my left ear for two days, but otherwise I just went on to finish my planned day (buy tools, e-mail, etc.) I don't think things will improve, what is out of the box will remain so, and I tend to look at things like electricity, water, road repair,etc. when deciding if things are beter or worse and they surely have not improved.


Corbett adds: Since this was part of a personal correspondence I wrote to ask if I could post this and he wrote today saying yes and telling me that La Nouvilliste reported there were 47 kidnappings reported to the police in May!

That's quite scary.

Bob Corbett