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28537: Hermantin (response) 28534: Simidor (news): Aristide, target of drug probe (fwd)

From: leonie hermantin <lhermantin@hotmail.com>

"I’m also convinced that the Miami Herald’s unfailing
relationship with attorney Kurzban has more to do with
their own lack of credibility than with anything Mr.
Kurzban could ever own up to.  I mean do you expect a
lawyer to ever confess: “My client is really a crook,
here’s a refund to the Haitian people?”

My dear Mr. S:

Why not ask Mr. Kurzban who still represents President Aristide? Who should they have talked to to get Aristide's side of the story? This is exactly what they do, when they cover alleged cases of corruption in Nicaragua, Colombia etc. They speak to attorneys whose clients, facing serious charges, are usually discouraged from speaking to the media. Duh.....

You may know a bit more than I do about the Miami Herald's " unfailing" relationship with Mr. Kurzban but from my vantage point it is their version of fair and balanced reporting...