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28540: Simidor comments re: 28537: Hermantin re: 28534: Aristide, target of drug probe (fwd)

From: Daniel Simidor, <danielsimidor@yahoo.com>

I?m sorry, Miss Leonie, but there is no beef in that
stew.  The Feds would indict Aristide if they had the
evidence to do it?  As you said, duh!  After two years
of repeating the same threat, either Aristide is
innocent (perish the thought!) or is too clever for
the ?men in black? -- or knows too many secrets, as
Dan Craig suggests, for an open indictment.

The Herald discredits itself for being the
government?s mouthpiece, for failing to ask some tough
questions like: what does the US government really
know, or to quote the poet Baraka, ?What is the
relationship of the Lone Ranger to the means of

As investigative journalism goes, the Herald story
doesn?t get us an inch closer to the truth of Aristide
as the ?Godfather? of Haitian drug dealers.  And no,
it?s not enough to wag a lawyer?s tail to pretend to a
balanced story.

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