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28544: tou_dwat (question) Aristide druglord, who to belive (fwd)

From: tou dwat <tou_dwat@hotmail.com>

When friends ask about the political situation in <?xml:namespace prefix
= st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Haiti and the
contradictory reports about Aristide, I find it difficult to explain the
context due to all the bad press and "must be justified" outside
interventions in the country...

so I try to take it to the bottom line.

On one side of the story, we have Noriega... Oliver North's boss during
the arm and drug dealing to fight evil in Nicaragua. The same guys who
wants to put you in jail if you travel to cuba. On that side, you also
have Coderre, in canada, whose buddies are starting to go to jail for
various corruption indictments. Not to mention the french, where Quai
d'Orsey considers Haiti as an African affaire (check what the french are
doing in africa).

On the other side, you have all the countries in the world whose majority
is black, calling it a coup...and, of course, the host of Aristide,
Nelson Mandela....

And I leave it to them to conclude...

Is this to simple ?


PS. On the drug boom  issue during Aristide last term. Actually,
according to DEA, transhipment in haiti went down during these years.
During those years, US coast gard got access to haitian territorial
waters... So where did I miss something ?