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28548: Anonymous (Comment) Bias? (fwd)

A great deal of articles have pointed to the complicity of Guy Philippe and Youri Latortue in the drug trade (previous charges made by the United States government). If I am not mistaken Youri headed up security under the interim government. Why has the DEA not gone after Philippe/Youri?

If the DEA has evidence against Aristide why have they not charged him? I see no concrete evidence in the Miami Herald Piece nailing Aristide, only allegations made by a well known Group 184 sympathizing journalist and Haitians in US prisons making deals with the DEA (individuals that could have easily accepted kickbacks from drug traffickers in hard times). Are we supposed to believe Aristide is another Manuel Noriega? I would prefer to hear what Kurzban has to say instead of censoring him like D.Simidor proposes.

Danny Toussaint, often said to be the leading suspect in the murder of Jean Dominique, came under intense scrutiny when he backed Aristide. But now after exiting Lavalas he is rarely mentioned as a leading suspect in the murder. Why is that? Can some of the 'Group of 184' people on this list provide an answer?