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28559: Du Tuyau: Re: Aristide (fwd)

From: viandemoulue@aol.com

Hello, everyone. Long time no speaking. Maybe today, I speak little bit. Even
though I working on something importantly interesting I think, as Du
Tuyau, ... nah... I no good at anything "importantly interesting" and so,
let's cut to the chase and speak the stuff I can speak in my still not-too-
good English, my brown English -anglè mawon.

Okay, okay, okay... I thought that Aristide was a vestige-iously political
vestige but I was having dementia once again. So, I realized that truth is
true, and that Titid did somethings he may have done, and others he may have
not do or know he had done or thought he could have done or even imagined that
someone else could have imagined that he had done or not do... (little English
funny for sophistication). here's my list of things like that from Aristide:

- Aristide took a pill yesterday for headache that Preval send to him from
Haiti; the pill is called "Sarandon" (remember Sarandon, old folks like Moi?).
Somebody on wonderful list of Corbettian village called that pill kokayin
(cocaine) so they can call him a drug addict, and tomorrow call Preval a drug
dilè / dealer;

- Some famously anti Titid Haitian journalist woman (they call her milatrès
and I call her grimèl) became famously anti-Titid when Titid decided to marry
another grimèl they like to call milatrès too: Minouch. I won't name that
journalist for fear of kout poud (powder zombi) to send me to more la-la land,
which is where I already am;

- I had a dream last night (no!! not like MLK Martin Luther King), that
someone who loves to hate Titid in Corbettian Village read that Titid is now
wearing leaf-made, Zulu-type pants, and that his pipich / wee-wee is hanging
out in a village near the Inkhata headquarter in South Africa for tchicki-
tchiki with female Zulu natives. Hmm .... Buthelezi the conservative guy must
now be happy that "Haiti is re-civilizing itself in the old tribal ways";
while the hellenists Haitians are calling Titid "dog returning to their vomit";

- After I read "Notes from the Last Testament", I had a feeling that some
journalists Haitians and foreigners can't decide yet whether to be New York
Times reporters, or reporters for the magazine one finds at the Pathmark or
Safeway checkout grocery stores ... you know ... magazines like "The National
Enquirer" or "The Globe" which tends to report on Hillary Clinton's newest
extraterrestrial baby;

- Yesterday, I found out that some hetero-tchiki-tchikeurs are so "in love and
lust" with people of the same tchiki-tchiki organ that they eventually fall in
absolute hate, out of fear that they may try to do the wrong kind of tchcki-
tchiki when they meet that person... hmm... better hate 'em then - otherwise
one might try to get "humped" in the humpty-dumpty world :)

Okay, I just wanted to rant a little bit. Meanwhile, some people Diaspora
politicians in Florida and other Frenchie-speaking in Port-au-Prince may have
shown their love of Haitian fine art by stealing art pieces at the National
Palace. Which makes me think little bit for one: "which Haitian politician or
politician-wanna-be is not naturally a thief, a vólè, a san-manman?"

Sad little country, I think. I hope Preval no deception for us like it's
always seems to be that Haitian politicians are deceptively deception.

Du Tuyau, ranting
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