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28572: Holmstead (reply) Re: 28549: (fwd)

FROM: John Holmstead

Why speculate about unproven allegations? Unless I
missed something...was I sleeping while a guilty
verdict was handed or was Jackie's  article in the
Miami Herald titled, "The ALLEGATIONS against
Aristide?" I wonder why the case of the highest
ranking accussed trafficker, Evintz Brilliant former
chief of anti-indiction program under Aristide, was
conspicuously absent from our dear Jackie's article.
The again, Jay Weaver has already admitted it was a
big omission and faux paux on his part under pressure
from the former. Brilliant was the only one of
twenth-three defendents to fight the allegations in
court. The others cut deals with many having their
attorneys resign from their cases in protests over
what one described as "a rush for false protection
from prosecution with the intent to pin the tail on
Aristide. They weren't guilty bu the justice
department scared the hell out of them." Brilliant,
the only one not to succumb, was aquitted of all
charges by the way.

Maybe I just have too much time on my hands.

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