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28571: lyall (reply) the Steele foundation and Aristide's loss of support (fwd)

From: jdlyall

Simidor wrote:

My opinion, not that it matters, is that the Steele
Foundation mercenaries account for at least 50% of the
Leader’s undoing.  “Aristide felt very vulnerable and
retained a private security service”... of US
mercenaries?  Surely you would agree, Madame, that
this is bizarre.

I too feel that seeing Aristide surrounded by blan in sunglasses all the time on television did a great deal to undermine Titid's support on the street. And his helicopter.

I read with amusement Kurzbans statement that Aristide was not interested in money. Street talk was common about the property that Aristide had personally confiscated around Tabarre, the Haitian presidential guard had their pay cut in half by the inflation of 2001-2002 and severely resented the money that these foreign white bodyguards received; the helicopter flying all over the city, etc. People would hear the helicopter and look up and see Titid with his blan above all the dirt and congestion and no water or power. They would recall that Preval walked the street during Carnival.

Some people have said that marrying Mildred was similar to Jean Claude taking Michelle as well. At least Michelle was a Haitian citizen.