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28591: Fennell: (ask) Bill Hoffman's current address (fwd)

From Bob Corbett for Tom Dudley Fennell.

From: Tom Dudley Fennell <dudley@strato.net>

Folks, on my web page I have some stuff on rubber plants in Haiti especially in the war years. The information in those posts were sent to me sometime in the past, long ago actually, by Bill Hoffman.

I received a note from Tom Dudley Fennell (address above) whose family was also involved in rubber plantation work in Haiit and he wants to up date that material on my web page.

However, he would first like to talk with Bill Hoffman and see if between them they could do a better job of that description.

I have no contact information with Bill Hoffman, the address on my web page is no longer operative.

Does anyone on the list have a contact with him?

Any help would be appreciated.

Bob Corbett