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28608: Rigdon : Translation of Where There Is No Dentist (fwd)

FROM John Rigdon

EMAIL jrigdon@researchonline.net

Project Status: Translation of "Where There Is No Dentist"

We have now marked the 6 month point in the project to translate "Where
There Is No Dentist" by Murray Dickson, DDS into Creole.  This book
forms the "third" in the trilogy of books by the Hesperian Foundation,
"Where There Is No Doctor", and "Where Women Have No Doctor" and is
sorely needed in Haiti.  A dentist friend reported to me today that he
had "pulled 100 teeth before noon" as part of a special medical team
working near Port Au Prince.

Overall approximately 1/3 of the 300 page book is now completed.  I
would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank the more than 20
volunteers who have helped with this project.  Approximately 200
volunteer hours have now been given in support of this project.  We
invite you to join us.

We have created several brochures based on the work already done which
can be downloaded from my website.  They are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Care of Teeth and Gums
Teaching Family and Friends in your Community
School Activities for Learning about Teeth and Gums
HIV / AIDS and Treatment in the Mouth


Here is the current status of the translation project

Chapter 1: Your own Teeth and gums   - Initial translation completed
Chapter 2: How to Protect Teeth and Gums  - Initial translation
Chapter 3: Teaching Family and Friends in Your Community  - Initial
translation completed
Chapter 4: Teaching In The School on the Health of Teeth - assigned
Chapter 5: Let Us Learn Playing and Doing - assigned
Chapter 6: School Activities for Learning About Teeth and Gums  -
Initial translation completed
Chapter 7: How to Maintain Cleanliness
Chapter 8: Examination and Diagnosis  - assigned
Chapter 9: Treating Some Common Problems  - assigned
Chapter 10: Treating Special Problems  - assigned
Chapter 11: Scaling Teeth - assigned
Chapter 12: Injecting Inside The Mouth
Chapter 13: Cement Fillings
Chapter 14: Taking Out a Tooth
Chapter 15: The Dental Kit
Chapter 16: The Experience in Mexico
Chapter 17: HIV/AIDS and Treatment in the Mouth  - Initial translation
Chapter 18: What to do with the Remainders
Vocabulary - Partially complete

John Rigdon
Tools and Resources for Haiti