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28635: Grupo M Denies Rumored Closure of Codevi (fwd)

From: samantaray@aol.com

El Diario Librea

1:24 pm, Thursday, July 13, 2006

Grupo M will not Close Factory in Haiti

Santo Domingo – This Thursday Grupo M denied that it plans to close the doors and lay off 700 of the Haitian employees at its factory that produces Levi’s pants in a Haitian free trade zone.

A press release signed by Grupo M’s administrative director, Limbert Cruz, suggested that this information is completely false and out of place, and added that at no point in time did Fernando Capellan have contact with the newspaper Diario Libre or any other media outlet regarding the matter.

Grupo M invited the newspaper to visit the factory in Ouanaminthe, where the free trade zone operates, so that it can check out the installations, which have the capacity to directly employee 2,000 workers.

According to Grupo M’s press release, “the projects planned for Codevi has the opportunity to create 10,000 new jobs, with the installation in the short term of new industrial production units."

- Francisco García