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28653: Labrom reply 28640 re Preval/Aristide (fwd)

from Jacqui Labrom

No,  Preval scrupulously avoided giving any idea of bringing JBA back - his name was hardly mentioned by him.

At one point the journos were really pushing Preval to say that he would bring him back but he replied 'According to the Constitution (and he named the section, as he said he knew it off by heart!) NO Haitian needs a visa to return to Haiti'. The journo then insisted and said 'yes but are you going to let Aristide come back'. He said, 'look do you believe in the Constitution because I do', and the journo said, 'well of course you do, you're the President Elect'. He said no, 'do YOU believe in the Constitution, because if you do you will see it says that NO Haitian needs a Visa to return to Haiti'.

That was all he would say even though the journos desperately tried to get him to name JBA.

Jacqui Labrom

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