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28655: Labrom on an Indian solution for Haiti (fwd)

from Jacqui Labrom

If any of you read Newsweek regularly, read the article on Mukesh Ambani, India's most powerful tycoon in the July 17th edition. It's a really fascinating article and has aspects in it that would be good for Haiti.

For example: 'his favourite scheme is to revolutionize in one swoop two of India's largest but most backward sectors: farming and retail. Despite boom times, India is still a nation where 100 million mostly small farmers work with ox and plow, where 96 percent of retail stores are mom-and-pop shops ....' Well read marchands for mom-and-pop stores in Haiti!!

The other very interesting part was where the article states 'Ambani is not the only major Indian entrepreneur who sees India's farmers as an army of opportunity, either. Others are investing heavily in fruit and vegetable exports to Europe, information services for farmers, and consumer credit in the countryside. What unites them is both pursuit of profit, and a perhaps uniquely Indian mission to spread the wealth, which is arguably becoming a business necessity in a democracy whose growing income gap could prove explosive, particularly for the superrich'!!!

Well doesn't that sound interesting for Haiti!!!

I wish I could send the whole article to the business people in Haiti and the Diaspora - it reads like a 'how to' textbook!!!

Jacqui Labrom

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