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28674: Corbett: One the rash of kinappings in Haiti

From Bob Corbett

Folks, I read of these kidnappings with great dismay, and I am one whom they really frighten and it makes me most hesitant to go to Haiti.

It also raises a terrible difficulty to my mind.  What is one to do?
I note that quite a few folks have paid the ransom of late and are released without harm. But this presents a hard problem for me, one for which I have no solution, but I would like to hear thoughts about it from others.

The dilemma:

-- if one pays the ransom it seems one is most likely to be let free without harm. But, that seems to reward the kidnappers and to encourage others to immitate them and leads to a spiralling problem.

-- if one were to NOT pay, then, of course, one risks one's loved ones or associates, a terrifying thing to do.

I must admit, were one of my own loved ones kidnapped my tendency would be to try to raise the ransom and free them, despite knowing I would likely be contributing to the likelihood of even more kidnappings. I don't LIKE that solution, but when one's loved ones are at risk -- well, sometimes the "best in the long run" argument is much less persuasive than the "save my loved ones" argument.

What are others of you thinking about this and what solutions would any propose? To what extent are the police officials themselves involved in these kidnappings or in lax law enforecement concerning them?

I'd very much like to hear more about it this "institution" in Haitian society.

Bob Corbett