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28684: KawolinA: (reply) Re: 28674: Corbett: On the rash of kinappings in Haiti (fwd)

From: KawolinA@aol.com

Whether the kidnappings are politically, financially or "grangou" motivated,
they must stop.  And "by [all] any means necessary. According to what's
reported, it is always about money. I have never heard instances where kidnappers
make requests about the paving of a road, regular garbage pick up in a certain
area, a new elementary school, a decent maternity clinic/hospital in
Carrefour, the opening of a small museum or a park in carrefour or martissant,etc. I
would have a different response if that were the case. The Kidnappers in Haiti
are no freedom fighters.

We, Haitians in the Diaspora, can do something about this deteriorating
situation in Haiti. Our socio-cultural, educational, and financial entities can
issue a statement against the kidnappings.  We can state clearly that we will
neither travel to Haiti nor send money to relatives for a few months until the
kidnappings stop. The kidnappers like it or not are "our brothers and sisters."
 Perhaps this may deter kidnappers and sponsors of kidnappers.