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28689: Pilling: Re: 28674: Corbett: One the rash of kidnappings in Haiti (fwd)

From: Sara Pilling <sara.pilling@verizon.net>


Sara Pilling here, founder of small nonprofit, Scholarship Soley, that
provides (A) financial resources to send kids from cite soleil to school and
also (B) an empowerment [sewing] program for women.

Several years ago I turned the public face [in Haiti] over to a dynamic
young Haitian woman and SHE is the one who is most vulnerable. There have
been several attempts to kidnap her. When they couldn't grab her - 'they'
grabbed several of the women students. Fortunately, after scaring them 1/2
to death and roughing them up they let them go.

Her house has been broken into - Thus, her fear is so great that she has not
felt safe enough to live there for the last three years. When I travel to
Haiti she is hesitant to let me go out on the street, even up to Delmas,

YES, the kidnapping of others disturbs me greatly. How can we continue to
operate when the leader, now seen as 'having $$, is made vulnerable by our
mission? Am I justified in traveling to Haiti, when, if I were kidnapped,
I'd jeopardize our financial resources that should be spent to pay for
students schooling and to continue the women's program.

How to stop it? I haven't a clue. But I can say that the continuing dismal
news out of Haiti makes our long-standing donors feel discouraged and they
are re-considering their continued support. The only 'losers' here are those
we're trying to empower to become the new leaders in Haiti.

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²Do what is fair and just to your neighbor, be compassionate.. Don¹t take
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