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From: Kawonabo1500@aol.com

The Latifundistas are Big Landowners in the rural areas of Haiti. Many of
them keep their land idle. There is nothing on the land. Imagine one person
having large empty landed estates in a country where food is scarce and so many
landless peasants who do want to work! Some do hire sharecroppers to work on the
land in an archaic system called 2-halves or two-tiers. In this system, the
harvest is split in 2: Half for the peasant and half for the landowner.
          This system is in violation of the rural code which says that it
should be a 3-tier system where one tier goes to the peasant, one tier to the
landowner, and one tier for the upkeep of the land (fertilizers) and equipment.
Lately, through some struggles of organized peasants, some landowners agree to
implement the 3-tiers system in Plaisance, Port-De-Paix, Archahaie etc. For
more information, check out this website: www.batayouvriye.org

M. Pierre

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What's a "latifundista?"  Kathleen