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28694: lyall (reply) Latifundista? (fwd)

What's a "latifundista?"  Kathleen

A Spanish word for big land owner. Breaking up the Latifundia's was a big aim of the Mexican revolution. Ejidos (communal land) were set up on confiscated land.

This is kind of silly talk in Hayti, with the most dispersed land ownership (or occupation) in the America's.

Some farms were re-distributed in the Artibonite under Preval Une. Apparently all support to the small holders evaporated in subsequent years. WHat they say, at least.

In the back country the problem is that almost all the land is publicly owned, but no management exists. Peyizan burn off mountain sides to get chabon. I've seen this happen multiple times to the same mountain sides. The chef de section (or whatever they are called now) don't do anything to stop it. Maybe they take a tax or a kickback for it.

The only land with trees in the mountain side is on privately owned land. Some people say this should be given to landless peasants. The main result would be intensified de-forestation. Banning the transportation of chabon is desperately required.