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28698: LOCCM: (reply) Re: 28688: Kathleen (addendum) (fwd)

From: LOCCM@aol.com

Re: U N

Kathleen, Years ago, I sold a small air conditioner to a man to use in his
mobile home.  The next day he returned it asking for his money back.   He said
that he turned the air conditioner on when he left for work in the  morning at
6:00 AM.  The temperature in his home was 70 degrees at that  time.  He told
me that when he returned that evening, the temperature in  his home was 75
degrees so he assumed that the unit was defective. The fact is that we had near
record heat that day and the temperature was 95 degrees  outside.  The point
is that we are all discouraged with the situation in  Haiti and wish that the
U N forces had the "magic" bullet to make everything  right and safe.  I
cringe to think about what the situation would be like here if the U N forces had
not come.  Do we want to leave the country in  the hands of the police?  Two
policemen came to my house and led me away at  gunpoint, put me in a small car
and took me away and exhorted $600 from  me.  I still feel a little safer when
I see the UN vehicles.
John BaMwen