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28714: Clerie (reply): Re: 28696: Anonymous (reply) Corbett: 28674 (fwd)

From: Philippe Clerie <philippe@gcal.net>

I guess the question remains do we have need, stomach and resolve to do
what has to be done to address the kidnapping problem...My answer is NO

That is the way to death squads. And it all depends on who the _we_ is. I
believe the need has been established. There are people out there with the
stomach, the weapons and the ability. What's really lacking is the
organization to do it. That requires at least someone who will take
responsibility for ordering the killings, for financing them, for providing
protection to the killers...etc, etc, etc.

Be careful what you wish for and count your blessings. The cure may well be
worse than the disease.



The trouble with common sense is that it is so uncommon.