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28721: Loccm: (reply) Re: 28674: Corbett: One the rash of kinappings in Haiti (fwd)

From: LOCCM@aol.com

Re. Kidnappings

At first I thought that establishing a fund to provide a reward to anyone
who would "finger" a kidnapper. As I thought about it I imagined the scenario;

The FBI appears at my door and tells me that a person had been  kidnapped and
was kept prisoner in the hut next door to mine.  They ask me  if I know who
lives there and did I see them bring a stranger to the  house.  I tell them who
lives there and that indeed I saw them drag a  stranger into the house a few
nights ago.  The FBI locates the man who  lives next door and he is convicted
of the crime and sent to jail. I am elated  as I am paid the $5,000 reward and
start planning how I am going to spend the  money.    Next the kidnapper
either bribes his way out of jail and  kills me and takes my reward  or has his
cousin do the job.  So much  for a reward system .

John BaMwen