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28741: Durban (comment): Barbancourt Rum Fan (fwd)

Lance Durban (lpdurban@yahoo.com)'s Washington-based brother sends this
item along...

Author Wayne Curtis was discussing his new book "And A Bottle of Rum",
something of a history of the drink at the Washington Post website
today.  He answered my question, below:

Washington, D.C. resident: How does Barbancourt Rum from Haiti stack up
against the rest?

Wayne Curtis: I'm a big fan of Barbancourt. It's smooth and full of
flavor. It's a sugar cane rum, which gives it a nice, big taste, but
the processing and aging of it makes it as serviceable as a
English-style molasses rum. Sampling from variously aged Barbancourt
rums is a great way to learn what you like and don't like -- a longer
aged rum isn't always better. It depends on your tastes.

Full length discussion is at:


Lance adds...

I'm not much of a rum drinker myself, but I religiously lug back a
"malette" of either 3 or 5 star every time, and have had nothing but
compliments from recipients over the years.