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28759: Clerie (reply) Re: 28749: ClayKilgore (comment) 28737: lyall (comment) the dual citizenship question (fwd)

From: Philippe Clerie <philippe@gcal.net>

If I were designing MY country (the new one, not the one I was born into),
I would invite as many people to join as wanted to, as long as they were
willing to play by the rules of membership (Laws), INCLUDING paying the
membership dues!

It's not surprising you would want to do it this way. After all, that's pretty
much how the United States was put together (excepting the black slaves who
weren't exactly invited along).

In Haiti, we did not _choose_ to be together: that was forced. The rules of
the game were hardly defined and in as much as they ever were, they were
never obeyed or, worse, enforced. And who would ever pay for government
neither wanted nor trusted?

Is it a surprise we're so messed up?



The trouble with common sense is that it is so uncommon.