Sep 26, 2021


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Demons of Poverty


by Ted Boers and Tim Stoner

188 pages
Micah Enterprises (December 18, 2012)
ISBN-10: 0985413417
ISBN-13: 978-0985413415

For ten years, Ted Boers, a well-intentioned, successful American entrepreneur, devoted himself to improving the conditions of the poor in Haiti. His journey would take him into many dark places including a crisis of faith that launched him on a mission to discover what he did not know and wished he had known before he began. This book is the fruit of that journey. It contains hard lessons forged on the anvil of what might look like failure. However, this perceived failure may in fact be the doorway to hope. In it are keys to making a lasting impact on the lives of the poor in Haiti and around the world.

What Others Are Saying:

In all my years of reading about Haiti, this book is one of two that have so captivated me that I read it in one sitting. It is new, having been written since the quake and in my opinion gives crucial insight into how projects to rebuild Haiti must proceed.

John Rigdon

I worked in Africa in 1999 and tried to start a self sustaining enterprise that would help widows of HIV victims. It failed. This was largely due to my failure to have many of the insights developed by the author of this book. Two years ago I visited Haiti with an organization, Partners World Wide, who successfully implement nearly all the principles advocated in this book with remarkable results.

Many readers interested in government projects involving foreign aid will be able to evaluate their views and perhaps help others in government reconsider the administration of enterprise projects. Non government organizations, often called NGO's would do well to evaluate their philosophy in light of the authors experience in Haiti which is detailed in this book.

R. Capen

If you are involved in development work in a third world country and especially if you are working in Haiti, this book is a must read. Having been involved in a project in Haiti for 13 years this book affirms our organization's and personal struggles and experience. This book also gives important information about what and what not to do in regards to alleviating poverty in an unfamiliar culture.


The author covers the difficulty of providing meaningful aid to help stamp out poverty in third world countries. His own experience dealing with Haiti, its endemic poverty and horrifically corrupt government is only part of the story. How Christian mission organizations tend to work -- and how they often fumble despite the best of intentions -- is central to a narrative on what to watch for in bringing help to those in need. Essential reading for anyone interested in third world mission activity.

E. J. Kaye
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