May 19, 2022


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Le Saut Falls, Sodo, Haiti

douard Jean. Toussaint Dirige Vers la Bataille


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The Corbett Mailing List on Haiti has a new home.

For twenty years, from 1993 to 2013, Bob Corbett hosted and maintained a mailing list all about Haiti. On his retirement from actively maintaining the list in February of 2014, the list and associated web site were moved here and is now maintained by a group of volunteers. We invite you to join us.

There is no cost to either join the list or contribute to this site. All information on this site is released under a GPL Share Alike with Attribution License unless specifically identified by the contributor.

Currently the list archives are in 3 formats:

Posts from #30,966 (8/29/2007) to 02/28/2014.
NOTE: to enter this archive once you get there, click on the box: "I am not a spammer." Then you will not need a user name and password. You may not EDIT anything in the list, but you may text search the entire archive by using the search engine provided.
Posts from March 1, 2014
This new list is currently in testing. No actual messages are posted here. This archive will be deleted once the list is active.

Photo postcard Haiti. Group of people and animals at a pool of water, refreshing themselves. Photo most likely taken by Benoit Couba. BACS: 0650-239 / date: 1925-9

Photo by Martial PĂ©trus from Haiti. Horse racing day at the Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince. One of the best view of the Tribune. BACS: 6150-023 / date: 1919-25

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