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douard Jean. Toussaint Dirige Vers la Bataille


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Postcard by Benoit Couba. Port-au-Prince. - La Rue Roux. Nice Animation card with old cars (model Ts from Ford). Commercial street. BACS: 1850-003 / back of card is PL146 date: used made in: 1925-6 print: color photogravure difficult card to find Collection Benoit Couba Reprod. interd. on front of card.

Postcard by Benoit Couba. Port-au-Prince. - Institution St-Louis de Gonzague. 1923-4 card. Nice old postcard. BACS: 1850-172 / back of card is PL58 date: unused made in: 1923-24 print: color photogravure very difficult card to find coll. Benoit Couba repr. int. on front of card.

Pharmacie Centrale postcard / card from 1909. Port-au-Prince. - Trésorerie. no. 194. Very nice card of financial institution in downtown. Nice for those looking for early Port-au-Prince architecture BACS: 6200-002 / back of card is PL73 date: used 1911 made in: 1909-10 print: b&w photogravure.

Pharmacie Centrale H. Pohlmann postcard / card from 1903. Port au Prince Marché. Very old card depicting the market. Horse buggy seen at right. Great animation card. Pohlmann was the first publisher of Haiti to make card at a commercial level. They were sold in his pharmacy. The earliest cards from Pohlmann are from around 1898-9. BACS: 6200-033 / back of card is PL3 date: unused made in: 1902-3 print: b&w photogravure.

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