May 19, 2022


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Le Saut Falls, Sodo, Haiti

douard Jean. Toussaint Dirige Vers la Bataille


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This site is home to hundreds of academic papers on Haiti as well as information on current events, politics, social life and Literature - all about Haiti.

Over time new items will be added. If you have an article, pictures, videos, etc. concerning Haiti we'd love to have them. If you want to create a Blog on Haiti, you're welcome here. Contact ADMIN.

There is no charge for access to the mailing list or for maintaining items on this site.

Portrait of Toussaint L’Ouvert... Digital ID: 1169857. New York Public Library
Portrait of Toussaint L'Ouverture.

General Henri Christophe, King... Digital ID: 1169854. New York Public Library
General Henri Christophe
King of Haiti

Jean Pierre Boyer, President d... Digital ID: 1167960. New York Public Library
Jean Pierre Boyer,
President de la République d' Haiti.

The Emperor Soulouque, Faustin... Digital ID: 1206630. New York Public Library
The Emperor Soulouque, Faustin I.,
of Haiti, and his Cabinet Ministers. (January 29, 1859)

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