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16177: Perrault: Re: 16167: Laleau: Flag as clothing issue

From: AR Perrault <arperrault_04@yahoo.com>

You know, I was going to stay out of this discussion but it is a debate
bringing up.
I understand both case:

The flag being a symbol of national pride should be venere. Yet nobody
during the raising and lowering of the flag in front of the palais
Vrey few school pledge allegiance to the flag.  Some of the flags floating
left out so long that they are purple and pink and falling apart.  The
national had a small flag no bigger than 4x6.
So on this side of the argurment flag should large enough to be visible,
colors should be the right colors (Blue, not Purplelish, and Red not

Now on the other side very few haitians HAVE a flag, and if they do it is
So to have umbellas, headpeices, hankershiefs, shirts and other items that
display the flag is good.  In the last world cup a comments was made to me
there are more Brazilian flag in haiti than Haitian flag, so if Haitians
to display their flag I am all for it, before like Laleau pointed out
with american flags on them are worn in Haiti.

By the way, during the last US occupation of Haiti I saw a haitian with a
headband displaying the US confederate flag, it was given to him by a US
soldier who probably knew exactly what he was doing.  Further more the
theme song that the old Haitian army used to play was:  STARS AND STRIPES.
say no more.

ARPerrault, PhD