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17019: Raber: Re: 17011: Dorcilien: Aristide Speech that We must Never Forget (fwd)

From: P&M Raber <raber@valkyrie.net>

After reading Aristide's1991 "Pe Lebrun" speech for the first time in its
entirety (Post Number 17011), I felt compelled to get on the web and read
the entire1963 Matin Luther King "I Have a Dream" speech.  It lifted my
spirits. You can all find it at
www.extension.umn.edu/units/diversity/mlk/mlk.html  .  In this speech, MLK
also evokes the constitution of his country but transpires emotions
radically opposite to Aristide's.  In Martin Luther King;s words "Let us not
seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of
bitterness and hatred".  One only needs to look at world history (including
current world events) to see that demonizing any specific group of people
(because of ethnicity, class, religion, color etc.) never brings a good
outcome.  Each group, from the most oppressed to the most powerful, has its
bad seeds who actually burn with envy (ENVY: the BITTER contemplation of
another's better fortune or qualities-Oxford pocket dictionary).  When the
bad seeds transfer to whatever group they aspire to belong to (political,
religious, social etc...) they are still bad and are quick to forget where
they came from.. Envy is never satisfied.  Fortunately, each group also has
a majority of good seeds.  The good ones are not willing to justify amoral
or illegal means to achieve goals and will not participate in travesty.
They will grow and flourish when the times are right.