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17110: Dorcilien: Re: 17103: (Arthur) Group says it has weapons, seeks "civil war" to overthrow Aristide (fwd)

From: Nod Dorcilien <ndorcilien@yahoo.com>

We are suffering too much from these thugs.
I strongly agree with these guys who decide a way or
another to take some action against this nonsense.
Haiti was freed for people to live happily not with
frustration, Haiti at this time should have been a
place where people could have traveled from around the
world to with witness after the 200 years Haitian
revolution which ended slavery on this Island and
created the First Black Republic, instead of that you
are looking at your own people who in the past
believed to truthful and nationalist and you dicover
later it was a bunch of lies, speaking the people's
language to fulfill their personal needs.I am not for
violence but this declaration made me feel like I have
a chance to witness 1803 like. If these people are
taking such actions it is because they cannot help it
anymore and the time we are living now, we should not
put up with any dictatorship whatsoever. People are
disatisfied with your actions just get out and give
them a chance to seek someone that could understand
and work in improving their living conditions... This
country needs to reject oppressions, corruptions,
crimes "by any means necessary"