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17111: Dorcilien: Pa. man, 63, dies of diphtheria after Haiti trip (fwd)

From: Nod Dorcilien <ndorcilien@yahoo.com>

Posted on Sun, Nov. 02, 2003

Pa. man, 63, dies of diphtheria after Haiti trip

HARRISBURG - A 63-year-old Pennsylvania man who
traveled to Haiti last month has died of diphtheria,
one of just 54 reported cases in the United States
since 1980, health officials said.

The man, who was not identified, was previously
healthy but apparently was never vaccinated for the
disease, according to the Pennsylvania Department of

Diphtheria is an acute bacterial disease that
typically attacks the tonsils, larynx, nose and skin.
Rare in the United States - where children are
routinely given a vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and
pertussis - diphtheria remains endemic to many parts
of the world, including Haiti.

The Pennsylvania man traveled there early last month
with seven other men to work in a Haitian village. He
developed a sore throat while there and went to an
emergency room on Oct. 12, shortly after returning

He was given antibiotics and sent home, but returned
to the hospital the next day when his condition
worsened. He died on Oct. 25.

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