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17390: Senou: Why go to Haiti? (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Why go to Haiti?

A Response from: Joseph Alfred, Educator

There is a life in Haiti beside politic. Why go to
Haiti? Haiti is the cornerstone of civilization, yes
my friends in Haiti you see the meeting of three
continents: Europe, Africa and America. You have to
see for yourselves this mysterious land. Haiti does
not have to many friends around the globe. Its birth
had put in jeopardy the slavery system in which many
countries were relied on for free or cheap labor. Its
naissance had divided America that had wanted to be a
new Europe in this continent. No wonder why the first
black nation was not invited in the first conference
of this continent despite helping many to get their

Yes my friends, my brothers had fought for the freedom
of the United States of America, we had fought for the
freedom of various countries in America Latin. Go to
Savannah, GA without the help of our ancestors, the
British could have captured the U.S. troops; go to
Caracas, Venezuela; we had abolished slavery into the
Dominican Republic but unfortunately they remembered
only that we had occupied them for 21 years that I
dispute. Go to Venezuela and try to talk about Haiti
in a negative way in various colleges, with the
average citizen, they will defend Haiti fiercely, so
far it is the only country I know of respect us for
helping them getting their freedom. It is unfortunate
Venezuela had not become a great economic power, but I
can tell you Haitians are well received in Venezuela.

Why go to Haiti? You need to know a little about our
history, the second independent country in this
continent and the second independent Black Country in
the world after Ethiopia. Haiti, the land of Toussaint
Louverture “le premier des noirs” people are talking
about Nelson Mandela, but I had a Toussaint who was
not concerned about luxurious lifestyle, he had used
his position to help free his brothers and sisters
from the worst kind of slavery ever existed in to
world. Today, it is unfortunate that our current
leaders are fighting for their personal interest at
the expense of the country; none of them can come
close to Toussaint Louverture. We have Charlemagne
Peralte who had fought fiercely the U.S. occupation
and we have Daniel Fignolé who had accepted the
presidency to prevent a U.S. invasion.
We had great people, my friends.

Why go to Haiti? You should go for yourself and
explore the land of the artist, the land of
creativity, the land of the hope, the mystery land
with its voluptuous mountains, its deserted valleys
and its endless sea.

Why go to Haiti? Go! you will see for yourself that
Haitian people stick together, and go along with each
other. This had explained the survival of this country
despite this misery. Before going to Haiti, go to
Miami, New York, Montreal, Bahamas, France, Guadeloupe
and now Atlanta, you will see lot of workers who send
millions every months to help their relatives back
home. Most of you in this forum are either
professionals or students and belong to the middle
class and the upper class. To understand Haiti, ask
yourself a question why Haitian folks who are working
over here are sending almost all their paychecks back
home to help relatives? Some time, they are living in
a poor condition over here but still send the money,

Today the Haiti situation is a little “hecky” but this
happen to many people in the world in various time,
the French Revolution, the Decadence era, the civil
war in the U.S., the rise and fall of the Soviet
Union, the conflict Israeli-Palestinian, the Irish
conflict, the problem between black and white in the
U.S. will it ever be resolved. Take an example of the
State of Israel today, after 5 thousand years of
misery the Jews had organized themselves and created
the State of Israel. My friends, Haiti will comeback
and rise again do not underestimate the will and the
determination of Haitian People, it would have been a
grave mistake to do so, please check our history. May
18, 1803 will repeat again, Nov 18, 1803 will repeat
again, no doubt about it and January 1, 1804 will
repeat again. I hope you don’t ask the same question
Nicodeme had asked Jesus that what do you mean “Si on
n’est pas né de nouveau on ne verra pas le royaume des
My friends, a new Haiti is coming, at my age I may not
see it, those of you who are twice or twice and half
of my age in this forum may not see it either, but one
thing remains certain there will be a new Haiti.

Explain: Contrary to what people might say, we have
resource in Haiti, the resource of Haiti is the land
itself, its location, its mountain, its sea, its
river, its small islands, its shape. My friends, the
country has not used its resources, La Tortue one day
will be a great Tourist Attraction, La Gonave will
become an Amazing Island, l’ile-à-Vache will become an
attractive place and La navase (Navassa Island= A war
will be fought for that Island) will become a Historic
Place for the new martyrs of the new Haiti.

Why go to Haiti? You will visit the City of Poets:
Jeremie; the city of Hope: the Valley of Jacmel; the
mysterious region: Cap Haitian just drive to Milo
where you will visit the eighth marvelous monument in
the world: the Citadelle; the rice city: l’Ester, and
a foreign city: Ouanaminthe in that city you don’t
know if you are in today’s Haiti but it gives you an
idea about the new Haiti, you will meet open minded
people with creativity.

Why go to Haiti?  Many had portrait Haiti negatively
even the dissenting sons and daughters of this
country, but my friends Haiti is not Port-au-Prince.
Can you imagine the crime rate in Washington DC,
visiting only DC, you won’t say that you have visited
the United States, unless you are joking. As a real
tourist, you will visit Disney world, Universal
Studio, Coca Cola, Stone Mountain park, Hollywood, and
many zoos (..) the same thing applies if you visit
Haiti.  Go to the CITADELLE , visit Pestel,
Fort-Liberte, Ouanaminthe, Hinche, Cayes, Gonaives,
Jeremie, La Tortue, and Mirebalais ( I don’t even
mention Port-au-Prince that’s mean, it is not
important; do you care about visiting Washington DC
when you visit the United States)

Why go to Haiti? Just go and see for yourselves.
You will see people who will open their home for you,
they will help you freely my friends, and our
hospitality is none to one. This is why many who had
visited Haiti felt in love with the country. Since I’m
a Haitian native you might think that I’m biased, I
invite you to approach anyone who had visited Haiti
(except the detractors of the nation), they will tell
you that the country is poor but Haiti is an amazing
place to visit. How these people survive the worst
misery of human kind? Why so many who had visited
Haiti open their heart to assist Haitian kids? Why do
you see many US citizen, Canadian citizen and others
are more Haitian than Haitian? Why many foreigners are
learning the Creole language just to go to assist our
brothers and sisters? Why?  Now, Why go to Haiti? Why
go to Israel? Why go to the United States? Why go to
Canada, Bahamas or Jamaica? My friends, visiting more
countries will expend your knowledge, will make you
more sensitive toward other people and make you aware
that the world is not what you see in your

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Joseph Alfred, Educator
P.O. Box 334
Smyrna, GA 30081

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