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23704: Corbett: testing list

>From Bob Corbett,


On Sunday evening Webster University suffered a massive HARDWARE crash in
discs that contained the faculty mailing program.  Faculty were different
affected.  Some lost everything in their e-mail program, others some
things and still others lost nothing.

I was one of the select who lost absolute everything.  My mail box, all my
saved files, some 4000 of them, many Haiti notes I someday wanted to
mount to my web page.

Not point in weeping about it.  What's done is done.

However, what I don't yet know is:  is the Haiti list itself still there,
and intact?  The list is nowhere on my computer, it never was.  I have no
access to it at all.  So, I'm just doing what I always do, sending this
note to the majordomo at Webster, where the list is held, and it mails the
notes out to you.

Please, don't write to say you got this mail.  That would be some 1800 or
so notes.  Rather, will those of you whose names begin with the letters

Ca    please write me.  Taht will give me some sample of list members to
know that at least the list went out to some if not all.

Wheeeeee, I do hope to get a few notes back from you   Ca    people that
will confirm this went out.

I'll probably not bother sending any messages today until I'm sure the
system is working, and anything sent to me since the last message when out
on Sunday, and until about noon today, was lost.  You'll have to resend.

Bob Corbett