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28189: J Labrom legal org to help get more women as lawyers (fwd)

From Jacqui Labrom
 I was watching National TV last nite, but missed the first part of the
 broadcast, however there was some legal association (maybe even a
 lawyer's association or Justice dept???) who announced that they were
 going to actively help recruit women as lawyers so that they can help
 Haitian women who have problems with the law. Women who were victims of
 rape and violence etc who got no help from the legal authorities. They in
 effect said that they would try and mentor them so that there would be
 more female lawyers.
 They also said that they would be reaching out to help 'travailleurs' to
 help them in any disputes they had with the 'patron'. This spokesman said
 that they know that in the past because the 'patron' has the money, the
 'travailleurs' have not been able to get help in their employment
 disputes. This group would be actively trying to help them.
 This is great news folks!!! If anyone saw all the broadcast, perhaps they
 can give us the full story and background of this group. I couldn't even
 see the name properly on the wall behind the speaker!
 Jacqui Labrom