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28252: 28236 Labrom on energy & other prospects (fwd)

from jacqui Labrom

If you remember in November of 2003, JBA spoke on TV about the Resources we
have in Haiti - stating of course the Human Resources, but he also mentioned
the Natural resources we have, and he mentioned that a company had done a
survey for gold here. He said that there was 'gold in them thar 'ills' as they
say in the Westerns!! Around the Limbé area and that the Govt (!) was hoping
that they would be able to sign a contract in order to exploit this. I had
also heard about the gold from other older Haitians.

Plus one of my clients was here for a Canadian company and they were working
with the Bureau of Mines.... to dig for various things and he confirmed that
there was gold here. But he said the most important resource we had here was
copper - the latter was of sufficient quantity that it would be able to be
mined for years and years. The Canadian company was hoping also to have a
contract to mine for this.

Anpil posibilite!!! Pa blag non!

Jacqui Labrom

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