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28247: Durban (reply): 28238: kathleen (where is Belot?) (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Kathleen asks "where is Bélot"?

One heads up to Kenscoff and right after the Teleco building at the
beginning of the village, you take the next right turn.  Drive about 10
km over a truly terrible road and pretty soon you come upon Le Montcel,
a large and rather amazing resort.  Tennis courts, horses, swimming
pool (usually empty), etc. etc.  And yes, there are wind turbines
(though not the big commercial kinds you see in Europe and the States)
and solar panels.  They also have a number of quite comfortable cabins
and apartments, although the restaurant is, IMO, lacking.  Still, this
is one very pleasant locale in Haiti, not over-populated, cool in the
summer (cold in the winter).  The summer before last, our company had a
2 day retreat up there which went over very well with the 45 employees
who attended.  Unfortunately, last summer the owner refused us the same
price for an even larger group so we went elsewhere.

L. Durban