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28284: Aupont: (reply) Re: 28264: Esser: (news) Open letter to Wyclef Jean and Samuel Dalembert (fwd)

From: jean aupont <monsieurjean2000@yahoo.com>

I don't understand the motive of these conspirators:HDP,IRI,NED, et al.  Am I
understand that these organizations exist in part or wholly to destroy and
destabalize Haiti for the benefit of a small minority (the Elite). What's in it
for these organizations? Without providing a clear motive as to why these
organizations would do this for the benefit of the Haitian elite, with all due
respect, I say that this negative view of these organizations are little more
than just exercises in conspiracy theory.

  Mr. Jean should accept this award and not add to this conspiracy and divisive
culture until such time as more than just circumstantial evidence can be
brought forth to prove that the "Haiti Democracy Project (HDP) was created with
the sole purpose of
becoming a catalyst of destabilization for Haiti<<.

  Please, show me for instance a link or connection between the haitian elite
and these destabilizing organizations and I'll believe your thesis. Thank you.

  a.b. jean