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28365: Morse (comment) Ghosts of Cite Soley (fwd)

_oloffsonram@aol.com_ (mailto:oloffsonram@aol.com)

A few years ago some friends of mine had the brilliant idea of giving video
cameras to people  in Cite Soley. I'm guessing the idea was to do a
documentary from the perspective of people trying to survive in Cite  Soley.
 My friends, who are supporters of Aristide, didn't like the  content nor the
political implications of the images they were receiving and  they decided to
drop the project. The project was picked up by others and became  <The Ghosts
of Cite Soley>. What I'm told is that the film undeniably  links Aristide to
the street gangs, and operations undertaken by the street  gangs. That's all
I've heard about the content of the film.

My friend, who had originally started the project and dropped it, went to
one of the Cite Soley participants, after the film was edited, and asked him

he approved the film. The Cite Soley participant said that yes he approved
the  film.

Having paramilitary forces in Haiti is nothing new. Duvalier/Tonton
Macoutes. Namphy/Zenglendoes. Avril/Attaches. Cedras/FRAPH. Aristide/Chimeres.

What I think shocks people is:

How did a former priest end up on this particular path and is it a path  some
how justified?

Are paramilitaries the only way to run Haiti?

Only time will tell. Let's see what the participants have to say. Let's try
and understand what they have to say before we all start shooting at the
messengers. Haiti needs to know what the message is.