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28363: Re: 28342: about trash(an opinion) from Math Jay (fwd)

From: Jepiem@aol.com

I agree with Morse on the blight created by so called plastic and  disposable
accumulating everywhere. He recommands a buy  back program as a solution. I
take a more drastic and radical approach.  Haiti has to learn from the the
experience of the  United States and not repeat its mistakes. The US has given
to a  throw away culture fostered by the relatively easy availability of
money. That's  why you find there junk yards full of old carcasses of cars
five years  old and on and on. Peole don't think even once before throwing
their empty coke  cans or their empty plastic potato chips bags from their
passing cars. These  things have to end up somewhere. May be out of sight and
out of
mind but  somewhere, polluting the environment nevertheless. I don't think
buy back will  help where people aren't motivated. To me the omen should be
placed on  those who are making a profit out of selling consumables. They

find  a way to package their consumables in environmentally friendly containers

or  they don't sell them at all. If these environmentally friendly packed
items are  the only ones available the haitian consumer will have to adapt.

I am  saying is that those plastic and styroform containers should be simply
banned in  Haiti, plain and simple. This is a small portion of island inhabited

by too many  people as it is. How far will the environmental destruction have
to go before  there be some clear thinking community conscious people to
realize that they  can't go on destroying their country for the sake of a few
couldn't care  less because they only view the country as a land to exploit?
For radical  measures you  need radical government. Here lies the dilemma.
There are too  many potent interests at stake, both local and foreign. To me
is the  reality.