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28611: FMorse (comment) rambling

_oloffsonram@aol.com_ (mailto:oloffsonram@aol.com)

I was a bit surprised at the recent choices for Ministry of Tourism and
Ministry of Culture... then after thinking it over...considering

might be the necessary first step... maybe the choices weren't so bad after
all...HOWEVER... If the direction of Tourism is towards more ships to Labadie,

then I won't be supportive. Ships to Labadie are a deal that has nothing to do
 with Haiti's development. I believe the future of Tourism is developing the
Fet  Chanpet/Fet Patronal concept all over the country and creating an
infrastructure to get around the country....

Digicel vs. Comcel/Voila....I don't know about you guys but my Comcel/Voila
telephone reception isn't very good. I'm considering trying a Digicel phone.
One  of my band members has a Digicel phone and it worked all the way to

Sometimes I look at those folks in yellow shirts sweeping the streets and I
wonder if it's some kind of <intelligence> network. The intelligence
community should set up soccer camps in Cite Soleil, but then again, maybe

I still think the companies selling drinks in plastic containers should be
responsible for a buy back program even if it's only a Haitian nickel or a
Haitian dime (10 or 20 pieces for a gourde). I'll bet most of the trash in the

gutters would disappear...

 President Preval, subject of many rumors, has been traveling the  world
Since he's a diplomat, he can't just come out and say <Show Me The  Money!!>.

I still believe that the future of Haiti's development should strongly
consider solar and wind as energy providers...Is that too progressive for the

Would it be possible for me to call 1-800 numbers in the States, from  Haiti
some time in the not to distant future??
Best to All,
Richard Morse