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28612: Du Tuyau: Re; 28599: Labrom (reply) re 28596 re Preval Malad (fwd)

From: viandemoulue@aol.com

 Hello, Mrs. Labron and Mister Lyall. How are you? I am sure you two are okay -
 not sick/malad- because you're writing that someone else maybe is, maybe is
not because you want to know. Question is: is Preval really sick and about to
die. Different theories for me, based little bit on my limited
understandability of Haitian politics. Here are my conspirationist points of

1. Somebody traditional or the whole group traditional don't want to pay taxes
at the DGI;

2. Traditionalists are mad probably because:
(a) their buddy at the DGI, at La douane (ports authority), and places the
like, are getting fired or forced to follow the law, and making sure some
crook businessmen Haitian pay taxes;
(b) traditionalists probably feel like they're losing influence on the
racketering market because probably, Preval and Alexis are pushing for
institutional reforms which will work against their corrupt and filthy

3. Traditionalists politicians, from the hard right and hard left, don't like
Preval for different reasons:
(a). From the right, maybe they feel that slowly but surely, they are losing
institutional influence for sure (not paying taxes);
(b) From the left, claiming to be in defense of ti pèp la (the poor) may no
longer be the only prerequisite for getting a job in gouvènman / government.

Please remember that I am an observer for real. I don't give a flying fook who
is in power. Just suspect that I understand little bit how it works, based on
experience (recent and more longer past history).

Basically, they're trying all, probably, more likelier than not, to mare
Preval (tie the poor guy's hands).

So, as they know that like most men politicians, Preval likes lots of tchiki-
tchiki (i.e. he is a tchiki-tchikeur), they say he is dying of Sida/AIDS. I
suspect this time, that the Sida they talk about is the corruption gangrene
that may be slowly being washed out of the administration systemic, thanks to
request from big foreign banks and Preval's own determination (apparently

Therefore my friends and not so friendly friends, they say now that "Preval is
dead". That's just a little war psychological a la Haitian. It's the
psychological preparation for longer term battles, I suspect, between those
who want change and those who still want to be gwo vólè (the crooks). They
preparing people for a future they planning ...

Now, wait and see within the next few months, say by mid-October and early
November, for the GNB-style manifestations (demonstrations). The
traditionalists mo'fo's had already stated numerous times, before preval sat
in national palace on the chèz boure (the stuffed chair) that they'll play
sweet and nice for a few months (6 months maximum). After that, they'll start
giving Preval "hell" and hopefully, remove him from power "a la Aristide".

So friends and foes and curious, it's like the commercial American: nothing
changes; it's the same song every time you watch the commercial. You know
which one. Let me type, then copy and paste it for you couples of little
times. You'll see what I'm talking about. Commercial no say name of product
specifically buta has a clear message. Here is the refrain from commercial.
Same words said numerous times:

" Head on; apply directly to the forehead "...
" Head on; apply directly to the forehead "...
" Head on; apply directly to the forehead "...
" Head on; apply directly to the forehead "...

Oh ... and then also, sometimes I see this commercial with pretty woman;
that's why I remember watching her applying "it" :) the her forehead) he he he

Du Tuyau, moun fou.
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