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28641: walton (comment) 28623: Re: 28609: Holmstead (news) Grupo M calls it quits (fwd)

From: Robert <rawalton0@excite.com>

Re: SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic_A Dominican factory
that makes Levi's jeans in a Haitian free-trade zone
plans to close its doors and lay off 700 Haitian
employees because of labor disputes, company officials
said Wednesday.

Grupo M, one of the Dominican Republic's largest
free-trade zone companies, built the $10 million
factory a year ago in the border town of Ouanaminthe,

IMHO- The next paragraph, the writer' conclusion, IS NOT NECESSARILY THE CASE---

The decision is a blow to Haiti, the Americas' poorest
country, where most people are jobless and the
political situation has become more fragile since the
February rebellion that ousted President Jean-Bertrand

It doesn't have to be a blow; it can be an opportunity!

The physical plant, about to be closed by the Grupo M bloodsuckers should taken by the government in lieu of taxes/to protect creditors, etc.  The plant is then returned to the workers who form a cooperative under the leadership of Batay and/or their union, then attempt to directly contract with Levi/others!  Levi gets its jeans at a fair price, the workers don't get abused, creditors are paid, and Grupo M gets its just desserts.



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