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28676: Anonymous (reply) Corbett: One the rash of kinappings in Haiti (fwd)

I think the solution lies in the coming together of the Haitian diaspora, and the many Americans who send relief money to Haiti. Those same individuals are also sending ransom money on a regular basis. I make this proposal:

Let's start a fund at one of the major Haitian banks. Each Haitian living in the US and all Americans with interest in Haiti would be asked to send 1 or more dollar to a that fund. Each Haitian living in Haiti and tired of the mess would be ask to bring at least 5 gourdes to the designated bank. The people of Cite Soleil or any other neighborhood would hear on the radio (by public service announcement) that every time someone turns in a kidnapper holding a hostage, there is a 5000 dollar reward. Say on million people send 10 dollars. That would be more than enough money to catch all the kidnappers (that would cover 200 thousand kidnappers) in the country. If 5 kidnappers are caught (even with one victim), the reward is 25 thousand dollars. There could also be some sort of wage/ life/disability insurance to help the spouse and children of any policeman killed/disabled while rescuing hostages. I would not be surprised if the police quickly would not even have to go on rescue missions. We would see a return of the old fashioned citizen's arrest by the mob of people who want their peace of mind and peace of the belly back. Having so many friends and relatives in Haiti and having paid ransom money in the past, I would be glad to send the first $500 seed money to start the fund.

Men anpil, chay pa lou!