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28683: Labrom re a special kidnapping!! (fwd)

from Jacqui Labrom

Well this kidnapping beats all others. The daughter of the Caribbean supermarket owners was 'kidnapped' a couple of weeks ago. Turned out she had organised it with her boyfriend, the son of a Coles, so he could get enough money to buy a car!!! He was even the one picking up the ransom. She is only about 16/17 and was out at 2 o'clock in the morning when it 'happened'.

However they both got picked up by the PNH - he, the boyfriend, was actually aboard a plane on his way out of the country - with false papers!!!

This goes beyond the pale, as they say in English. A couple of rich kids 'cashing in' on the situation. How shameful for their parents!! And what a great example to the country. My driver said they should be paraded on Television to show their faces and tell what they have done. But he also said, this would never be done, and he doubted that they would even spend any time in prison. Money talks!!!

Jacqui Labrom

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