19 May 2001

John Kobylecky

During my long researches into Haitian football history, it is clear that two defining moments in the past 100 years mark that history.

  1. The first was their initial entry into the FIFA World Cup.
  2. The second was their achievement in reaching the top table of that event, when they reached the Finals themselves, in 1974.

What was great for the island was not only World Cup Finals qualification, but the manner of it. After an initial tournament to find the 6 best teams of the region, the region finals were held in Haiti itself. This was the first time that such had ever happened in this part of the world, so there was much kudos for Haiti in being honoured with holding this event.

I am hoping that you may hold material that relates to both the 1973 Haiti event, and the 1974 finals appearance. WHY?

I have managed to find out 99% of all relevant information, but there are two pieces of statistical fact that I need to iron out, which any such publications you might hold, might contain.

  1. In April 1972 Haiti played Puerto Rico in two matches to qualify for the 1973 elimination tournament, winning 7-0 and 5-0.

    I need to know the timings of the goals in these games, and - if at all possible - whether any substitutes were used by either side (I already know the team lineups).

  2. On 3rd and 5th December 1972 Surinam beat Antigua 6-0 and 3-1.... although this wasn't good enough to get them a ticket to Haiti.

    I need to know the scorers of these goals, and - if at all possible - the goal timings as well. Here again, I already know the team lineups, but details of substitutions made (if any) would be good if you have them. All other statistical detail regarding the other (many) nations in the region is known, it is only these two pieces of detail I need.

Can you help. For instance, if any publication came out in Haiti looking FORWARD to the 1973 tournament in Port-au-Prince was published (& there most surely must have been....probably more than one!) it may well contain the information in detailing "how they got there."

John Kobylecky
38 Croft Road, Newmarket, Suffolk, England
Telephone/Fax number 00 44 16 38 66 42 46


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