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17540: Re: 17510: Dorcilien: Re: 17482: Marasa/Pres. Aristide/Vice City (fwd)

From: Nod Dorcilien <ndorcilien@yahoo.com>

[Corbett is guessing on the number.  Lost the paper with the count on it.]

Aristide and his operating crew have been promoting
the killings of Haitians for a while now and we need
to get real and take a strong stand against those
masquerades who are trying to take credit and free
ride, making money on our mistreatment and in fact
they abuses of power to their countrymen are the real
reason why have been mistreated and disrecpected
abroad. As a headhousehold in a neighborhood when you
are mistreating your children you are directly
encouraging and inviting others to abuse and
disrespecting them as well. It is time for Aristide
and his crew to shut up and let us minding our own
business, when we are facing these abuses abroad they
are busy abusing others in Haiti...