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17838: Kathleen: Re: 17835: Otello365: Aristide's wife (fwd)

From: Kathleen <kathleenmb@adelphia.net>

As I understand it, there was an outcry regarding the attempt by the Lavalas
government to amend the constitution to allow "dual nationalities" i.e.
Haitians who had gained U.S. citizenship, like Yvon Neptune and Mildred, to
be president.  I believe these were called the "Minouche Amendments" and a
priest denounced Aristide and his wife from the pulpit for this maneuver.
Help!  Other people, at least one person, on the list has/have a better
fount of knowledge on this topic.
I do know that Americans who hold another passport and are recognized as
legal dual citizens BY the US are limited to a few countries:  Israel,
Ireland, and maybe Britain. (yes, I know, the terrorist countries).  No
french, italian, haitian, scandinavian, iraqi, saudi, etc.
My dad, who held a "British Subject" passport, told me a story about the
swearing in citizenship ceremony which, as far as I know, is unchanged in
including the key question, "Would you take up arms against your former
His Irish compatriots replied beyond the OBLIGATORY "yes" by chorusing,
It seems like Haiti should not have a president whose first loyalty is to
U.S., though Lord knows...

Kathleen Burke